Courtney Newton holding award from The Welding Institute

Earlier this year, The Welding Institute’s Northumbria Branch hosted its 88th Annual Dinner at the Newcastle Civic Centre. Over 245 individuals attended the event, including a multitude of industry-leading sponsors.

A significant part of the event was the announcement of the Student of the Year Awards 2022. Over twenty talented students entered,  ten were interviewed and the top five attended the Student Achievement Awards Ceremony. In the end, it was Courtney Newton, WD Close’s very own welding apprentice from Newcastle College, who won this prestigious award from the leading engineering institution. 

Courtney is WD Close’s first female welding apprentice and it is an honour to see Courtney has been recognised for her talent, hard work and dedication to the steel fabrication industry. Courtney’s success is also a testament to the successful 5-year partnership between WD Close and Newcastle College Energy Academy, which covers welding and fabrication, renewable energies and subsea engineering courses for budding apprentices. 

In an effort to get more young children interested in welding, the passionate Courtney attended Beamish Primary School in October 2022 with The Welding Institute and conducted a Welding With Chocolate workshop. In the workshop, over 45 children welded bars of chocolate together and made small box girder bridges, testing the strength of the bridges by adding weights. While women are underrepresented in the welding profession, Courtney continues to serve as a role model to young girls who may be interested in a role in the industry. 

We are very proud of Courtney and wish her every success in her future welding career, her ambition and commitment are truly commendable and we are delighted that she received the recognition she deserves at The Welding Institute Northumbria Branch Annual Dinner 2022. 

For an insight into this year’s event, watch this video.