Load out and mobilisation

Within WD Close & Sons we have invested heavily in the companies future and the future of our employees with the purchase and development our Carville facility giving us the ability to expand the services we can provide, with our relatively new facilities we can offer a complete load out and mobilise/demobilise service for your vessel at either of the two berths at our waterfront facility carried out by our dedicated load out team and equipment.

Our mobilisation teams and equipment are available at short notice, working efficiently around the clock to ensure rapid completion to minimise downtime for the vessel and crew keeping costs to a minimum.

Berth 1 – 210m x 40m with a 7.5m depth 

Berth 2 – 210m x 40m with a 9.1m depth

We have recently completed a series of load outs for SS7 with an approximate total weight of 2000T spread across four load outs including deck modification and sea fastenings carried out by WD Close & Sons personnel with a zero accident rate.


Secure office space and storage facilities are also available to rent for the duration of the mobilisation with uninterrupted access.  


Blade rack being loaded onto the A2Sea Vessel the Sea Installer.

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MWA rigged for loading onto SubSea 7 vessel.


Garage unit being transported from the main fabrication hall to the quay 176T.


01/07/2014 WD Close , Wallsend , Newcastle. Loadout of Husky reeler and pix of manufacture of reelers

Umbilical Reeler and basket loaded into hull of transport vessel.


MWA Gravity Base on steel Quay awaiting positioning.


Fugro A Frame positioned for load out onto vessel


MWA Gravity base being loaded onto SubSea 7 Vessel.

Maintenance tower and sliding deck during loading onto transport vessel.